My gentle parenting packages: 

My Support packages include: 

  • Email support

  • Phone and video consults up to 1 hour 30 minute

  • Home visits to discuss concerns surrounding your child’s unique needs

  • Training and coaching for professional parents at locations and times to fit around work

  • Bespoke support plans with evidence based, gentle solutions for your personal parenting needs

Just like parents, our children need to feel understood, valued, respected, secure and happy.

My methods are designed for parents who want: 



I offer a personalised, tailor made approach. Your parenting concern will be carefully discussed and analysed to establish the best course of action. The gentle solutions I offer have long lasting effects and are intrinsically beneficial to your child and your affinity with them.

My Packages 

Telephone/video consultation

Home visit package

Convenience around work packages

Brief intervention Packages 

What to expect