Brief intervention packages Packages 

 Sometimes we have smaller issues that can none the less be a worry and prove difficult to help our children through. I offer my little bundle support package to help you through these things. 


Some of these things may include:


- Potty training

- Play support and creative learning opportunities

- whining and sulking

- Rudeness and backchat

- low self-esteem and confidence issues

- Lying 

(This list is not exhaustive and only meant to give examples) 


If you are not sure if your concern falls my Little Bundles category then please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss what support would best suit you.  into

Briefer Intervention Package 1 

This package contains an initial consultation call only by phone or Skype for up to 1 hour. 



Briefer Intervention Package 2 

This package contains an initial consultation call by phone or Skype up to 1 hour. It also includes your own personal plan written by me with all the support strategies you need.