My Approach 

I'm here to share my TOP gentle parenting Strategies with you.

You will feel empowered and happier in no time!

Here is what we’re going to do:

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  • Analyse your child’s behavior and routine

  • Consider potential triggers

  • Explore which of my tried and tested strategies will work best for you and your child

  • Make sure you feel supported every step of the way

I will support you to:

  • Adopt gentle, evidence based, and effective discipline approaches

  • Understand/Empathise and connect with your child for a more harmonious family/parenting experience 

  • Empower you to feel confident and in control with mindful approaches

  • Understand and manage challenging behaviour

  • Improve your teaching and learning ability

  • Raise happy, well-mannered and caring children

Here is how:

  • Approaches to stay calm and re-connect in improved ways

  • Approaches to encourage children to be self-motivated

  • Developing children’s problem solving skills

  • Modelling positive behaviour through play

  • Using a why? How? And What? framework to understand challenging behaviour and find solutions

  • How to offer praise in a meaningful way and boost self esteem

  • How to encourage listening skills

  • Setting suitable consequences for behaviour and learning

  • Alternative communication methods for a positive influence on behavior and understanding

  • Baby led potty training and other potty training approaches

  • Finding personal head space and ways to relax and replenish (as a parent)

  • Please note that this list is not exhaustive and my knowledge and experience covers a vast range of parenting related issues not mentioned above…    

What you can expect: 

  • An understanding, supportive and non-judgemental approach

  • Bespoke advice tailored to your unique family situation

  • Specific suggestions for you to work on over a period of time of your choice

  • Tried and tested, evidence based solutions for your difficulties 

What you should not expect: 

  • Quick fixes for behavioural problems

  • ‘One size fits all’ advice that you can share with friends and family

  • Easy solutions that require little input from you

My ethos

All behaviour is communication and when we understand what is being communicated and why, you can work through things effectively.

I will analyse your child’s behaviour and what is and what is not working for you? By the end of your work with me, you will have a clear understanding of the area of difficulty and how to connect with your child with this issue and work through it.  

I believe strongly that the child is never the problem, the behaviour can be tricky to say the least but different behaviour can be taught! I believe that all children can be shown alternative ways to communicate their distress and lack of understanding. As well as helping to overcome the difficulties you may be having with your child/ren I will show you ways to improve being an inspiring, patient, calm, positive, creative and playful parent.


You will learn how to stay calm, have proper expectations and develop an affinity with your child. I focus on ‘gentle discipline’ when required. I will show you how to put space between your reactions and your child’s behaviour, thus allowing for creative and helpful responses (teaching children, rather than the authorities approach). We will explore your child’s learning style and create a bespoke package tailored to meet their learning needs in a way that that they can understand and flourish.


I am a firm believer in promoting a ‘growth mind-set’ – Looking at ways to instil a self-confidence and desire to learn in your child.

All children learn through play. In fact, this playful exploration is the only way they learn. One of the biggest underpinnings of my work with you will be focussing on how we can make the required learning fun for both you and your child. After all, who wants to learn anything that isn’t attractive to them?