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My workshops will leave you feeling EMPOWERED, totally SUPPORTED and ready to enjoy your parenting on a more harmonious level.  

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This is the perfect workshop for parents looking to better understand their children's more difficult moments and apply gentle and effective approaches to manage behaviour, specifically tantrums. The workshop is aimed at parents of children between 2-5 years but is also helpful for those with younger babies looking to prepare themselves for when their children are a bit older.


My approaches have amazing results and feedback.


We will be looking at: 

- Common reasons why children behave the ways they do? 

- What gentle parenting is and an overview of gentle discipline 

- Evidence based, gentle approaches to manage behaviour 

- Take home resources and approaches to manage difficult behaviour, specifically tantrums

I love to see couples at my events as I think it's so valuable for couples to be reading off the same page. So, I am offering a £10.00 discount for any couples who attend and will offer your 2 tickets for £40.00. 


I look forward to seeing you there! 


"I used lots of the approaches Harry gave us on the workshop and have been amazed at the results. We have hardly any tantrums after only a few weeks and a much better understanding of how to help with his emotion. Thank you". Lucy, Edward 2.5 years

"The information I got from your workshop was truly transformative. We are all much more relaxed and happier now that we understand where she is at and how to meet her needs. I can't thank you enough". Richard, Violet 4 years 

"I love the way you took us through approaches for managing extreme behaviour and the resources we could use to help with these. Things are so much better already and we all feel in a very different place. Sincere thanks". Vicky and Daniel, Evelyn 5, Walter 3.5. 

Gentle tips for difficult behaviour 

This workshop is aimed at children from 2 - 5 years. We will cover basic reasons why children have difficult behaviour, such as tantrums, sibling rivalry, refusal, bedtime battles and hitting (to name a few). The structure will give an overview of why each behaviour occurs, a scenario and effective strategies and tips to manage them (with calmness, empathy, connection and the best relationship). I will be giving away all my top tips and lots of resources for a happier and more peaceful parenting experience.


I look forward to meeting you there.