Hi Harry, 


Please accept my sincere apologies for this late testimonial, I have been meaning to send this to you.


Thank you so much for your phone call. Your advice has been very valuable, in helping me deal with my son's pre teen behaviour. 

 You were very attentive and professional and provided practical advice which was easy for me to implement. I was able to see a massive difference in my son's behaviour. You also gave me great faith that i was doing a great job of being a mom. You truly are a great advocate for gentle parenting. 


Kind Regards


Rupam - Mother of Jacob 7 years 

Rupam also wrote again - 

Hi Harry, 


Your welcome, sorry it was late.


Just wanted to let you know that Jacob's behaviour has improved so much, all thanks to your advice. Gentle parenting is really the way to parent. 


Hi Harry,


Sorry for the delay in sending this.  A few hectic weeks in the life of triple trouble.


I discovered The Gentle Parenting Consultant on Instagram after stumbling across one of his inspirational quotes and it resonated with my current situation.  I have become an avid follower and look forward to seeing his posts.


I am a single, working mum of toddler triplets and the stresses and strains of daily life where making me anxious.  I was really struggling to keep my cool.


I noticed on Instagram that Harry was offering a free 30 min consultation and I was lucky enough to be chosen.


The chat I had with Harry was very enlightening, the information and advice he gave made sense and was achievable with triplet toddlers.

He had a calming and soothing persona and was very positive about my strengths and offered me mechanisms to cope with my weaknesses.  He helped me realise I was only human and I was not failing as a mum.  


I highly recommend Harry and I look forward to future Gentle Parenting consultations in the very near future.


Hope this is suitable.


Thanks again,





Thank you so much Harry. It's great to be reminded that it isn't a conscious thing our son (5 years) is doing to upset us. Your talks are really useful in helping me to stay calm. 

Charles - Father of 2 

Hi Harry,

We have had some amazing progress overnight. Thanks so much for the visit Harry. It was really helpful and I'm feeling Positive!

Edith - Mother of 2 (aged 2 and 7 years) 


Thank you Harry, because of you things have changed so much. I can't list all the things you have helped with because there are too many but you know... Big hug".

Violet - Mother of 2 teenage children who have autism

Because of you Harry we have learned to better understand T and connect on a different level. His behaviour has changed so much and we are all so much happier. I can't say thank you enough.

Betsy (Step mother to 12 year old) 

Your advice is so great". Thanks as always

Blog follower 

Dear Harry, without your invaluable, insightful help My husband and I would never have been able to help T (6 year old boy) through his behaviour difficulties. We now have an excellent understanding and gentle strategies to use, that are really working!! Our lives have been transformed and we can't thank you enough". 

Anna and Jeffrey

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