What to expect?


Initial Consultation 

  • Prior to your consultation, I will ask you to complete a simple consultation assessment form. I will assess this and discuss with you in detail during our initial contact

  • For specific behavioural concerns, I will ask you to complete a minimum of 2 days ABC chart entries. Click here for explanation. I will assess these and discuss with you

  • We will discuss and analyse what you have tried and are doing

  • We will discuss relevant factors such as your child’s temperament, interests, character, communication, learning style and routine


Gentle Parenting Plan 

  • I will discuss my conclusions and solutions with you in a clear, easy to follow way Bespoke plan

  • Plan supported by tried and tested, evidence supported research and practices

  • A personalised, gentle parenting plan to meet your child’s area of difficulty

  • Age appropriate and manageable

  • Specialist strategy break down where required

  • Step by step plan to resolve the issue/s

  • Links to helpful learning resources when required


Home visit

As above plus the following:

Initial Consultation

  • We will discuss the most suitable time for your home visit

During the home visit

  • I will observe you implementing the parenting strategies with your child and give further input

  • Where necessary and appropriate I will model the strategies discussed directly with your child

  • We can discuss the need for further or alternative strategies and ideas for you to try out

  • Home visit can last up to 2 hours

  • Booked at time that is most convenient for you